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Bottoms Up? Or Top Down?

Posted onDec 30, 2016 in Accounting Careers and Hiring and Interviewing

The interview process may change with every candidate. What’s important to know, is which interview process you will be using.

Here are some tips on the interview processes and participants.

  1. A Bottoms Up Process. In a bottoms up interview process, the hiring coordinator does the initial screening. Department heads follow. In the end, only the top one or two candidates are presented to the President, CEO or Executive Director.
  2. Top Down Approach. In this hiring process, the President, CEO or Executive Director does the initial interviewing and only brings back individuals that he/she feels are acceptable candidates.
  3. Preferences? Personally, I prefer the top down approach if the potential employee works directly for the President or CEO. Take for example, the hiring of a CFO. Because the CFO will report to the CEO, if a candidate is unacceptable to the CEO, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, thus making the top down approach to hiring the most effective.
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